Marginal Way

The Marginal Way won't be a marginal experience if you include it in your trip to Ogunquit.


The 1.25 mile walkway runs along the coast, or the margin, and it's beautiful. Most of that beauty is natural and a lot of it is because it is so beloved that there is a non-profit organization dedicated entirely to preserving it- the Marginal Way Preservation Fund.


After all, it may be the most beautiful gift Ogunquit has ever received. Three years before his death in 1928- Josiah Chase, conservationist and former state legislator, left the strip of land to the city of Ogunquit.

It's been enjoyed by Ogunquit ever since. Here's how you can enjoy it.



The Marginal Way is the perfect distance to get an early morning jog unlike any you can get at home. If you set out before the day picks up, you will share the Way with like-minded people and it won't be too crowded.


People Watch

The view of the ocean from The Marginal Way is famous. It is also a great place to watch the surfers and general beach-goers. Plenty of benches are placed along the path for resting.



Perhaps you could log the Earthcache along Marginal Way. An Earthcache is a geocache that is a natural landmark. Instead of logging your visit in a logbook, you post your picture with the landmark as proof you found it, in this case it's Oarweed Cove.



Your selfie with the Earthcache isn't the only picture you'll take on Marginal Way, on the 10-15 minute scenic walk, the beautiful ocean view is sure to inspire a few pictures. The elevated view makes for a vantage point that is absolutely breathtaking.


Don't forget to take in the rest of the scenery. With the incredible view of the ocean, it would be easy to look at nothing else, but the path is full of picture-worthy plants and flowers. You can find bayberry and honeysuckle, and sea roses of pink and white.


You can't go wrong by experiencing Ogunquit's most beautiful footpath. And if the views of the ocean overcome you and you just have to see it closer, small portions of the beach can be accessed by several staircases that can take you down the cliff.