Ogunquit, Maine: Vacation Fun and Follies

Ogunquit, Maine: Vacation Fun and Follies

Once upon a time and long ago, there lived men and women who were not welcomed among the people. They were thought to be different and strange and, heavens to Betsy! Let them find someplace else to vacation!

Well, time moved on, as time has a way of doing. Humankind evolved as it became necessary to do so. Through this evolution the process was born the idea of LGBTQ destinations and resort vacations. Top of the line and pick of the litter is the small town of Ogunquit, situated on Maine's southern coast. 

Welcome to Ogunquit

Translated as "beautiful place by the sea," Ogunquit is a thriving and welcoming LGBTQ community and vacation destination. Unique to this small town are the many LGBTQ-owned and operated hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and businesses. Ogunquit is also host to a large local artists' community and The Barn Gallery, home of the Ogunquit Art Association. For a night at the theater, visit the Ogunquit Playhouse, featuring local and world-class entertainment. 

Live Like a Diva

So many to choose from, so little time. All the following recommendations are LGBTQ friendly where you'll be welcomed and sure to enjoy your stay.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Gay!

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Oh Dear, Did You Fall in Love?

"The Way Life Should Be" is Maine's state motto and thus has recognized same-sex and transgender love and marriage since 2012. The beautiful town of Ogunquit, Maine would be a lovely venue for a destination wedding.