Finding Swimwear For Your Gaycation

Finding Swimwear For Your Gaycation

Swimwear: a cause of major stress and excitement for many, especially those of us in the LGBTQ community. Before coming out, it was a simple choice: bikini or one-piece for women, board shorts or Speedo for men. Now that gender and sexual identity have come into play, it's imperative that your swimwear choices match your streetwear choice. Are you a tomboy or butch type most comfortable in board shorts and a tee shirt? Or maybe you fancy a string bikini or a strappy little number? Whatever your swimwear preference, it's important to pick one that you feel comfortable in.

Swimwear Identity

Swimwear is a broad category that includes bathing suits and anything worn at the beach. For the modest lesbian, consider a sleeveless tee shirt and shorts. Throw on some shades and you're looking fly. Some lesbians want to get their tan on without appearing like a misplaced straight girl. Try a sports bra and board shorts. It's completely comfortable to swim in and all the ladies know where you stand. A sheer blouse will protect your skin from sun damage while also looking fabulous.

Increasing Options


Men's swimwear options have broadened in recent years. There's still the traditional board shorts and Speedo, but now there are more bikini-like options like hammock briefs and thong bikinis for men. Mix and match from all styles to create something new and fun!

Whatever option you go with, don't forget about the fabric! Getting any style of swimwear in wild colors suits some people much better than the plain variety. The LGBTQ community has brought experimental fashion to the forefront and more options are being created than ever before for nonbinary, genderfluid, and queer people. Here in Ogunquit, Maine, there is much diversity seen in swimwear and this creates a comfortable atmosphere for your next gaycation.