Explore Ogunquit and Delve into the World of Stephen King's "The Stand"

Explore Ogunquit and Delve into the World of Stephen King's "The Stand"

"The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there...and still on your feet." ― Stephen King, The Stand

As "All Hallows Eve Approaches" we do ourselves a great disservice if we fail to talk about the sixth book written by Stephen King "The Stand". It is a post-apocalyptic horror/fantasy novel that is set, at least in part, in the 1990s in Ogunquit, Maine. This novel was King's fifth, but only the fourth that he published under his own name. You have a fantastic opportunity to explore Ogunquit and delve deeper into the world of Stephen King's mind.

The Stand OgunquitAs the Story Goes...

There have been several releases of this novel since its first release in 1978, at which time it was set to take place in the 1980s. Although each of the releases was updated, the story never really changed. 

Part one takes place over a time period of only 19 days of devastation for the entire human race. It begins with the release of a deadly virus, a superflu, called "Captain Trips". The virus was designed to be an advanced biological weapon that the government could use. When released on American soil, 99.4% of people to die within the first 19 days. 

In the aftermath, darkness, Randall Flagg (aka. The Dark Man) and light come together. The light is Mother Abigail who receives visions from God. Mother Abigail is a resident of Ogunquit along with awkward teen Harold Lauder. Together, they may be each other's aid, but there is never a more unlikely pair. 

In part two of the novel, Mother Abigail travels all the way to Boulder, Colorado where she bands together with people who have seen her "light" in their dreams, calling to them. They wait to battle it out with evil until a few brave souls head out to meet their fate, whatever it may have in store for them. 

The final part takes place in Las Vegas where Dark Man is surrounded by his team. Flagg's attempt to destroy the nuclear warhead is thwarted by a giant glowing hand. "The Hand of God" detonates the bomb and destroys all the dark followers.

The Future of "The Stand"

The Stand has always been a favorite for many horror lovers. Its realism, combined with the fact that it "could" happen keeps the excitement going. Next April, it will get a new following when CBS hosts a new series that mirrors this outstanding book. The series will star Heather Graham among many others. 

Places to See in Ogunquit

Stephen King wrote about a long pier that stretched out into the ocean in his novel. You can get the same feeling by exploring The Marginal Way and other piers.  

Though the pier may not be as you imagine, you can still have plenty to see in Ogunquit this Halloween. Ogunquitfest 2019 will soon be underway. HalloQueen – A Mainestreet Halloween, is also coming up on October 26. This event is a lot of fun for all drag and not so drag costume styles to give the gay community even more to celebrate.

If you would like more information about the events that will take place around Halloween or to see one of the areas that Stephen King gets his inspiration, we are here. We would love to help you get excited by your gaycationland adventure to Ogunquit. Simply contact us.